Actress and author Jenny Mollen shares her quick and easy mouth-shaped apple slices filled with sunflower seed butter from her debut cookbook, Dictator Lunches. She (lovingly) calls her two kids dictators because they can be difficult to cook for, but they gobble up this adorable snack, which is perfect for Halloween! 

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  • 1 apple, thickly sliced
  • A few tablespoons sunflower seed butter
  • Candy "eyes"
  • Raisins or marshmallows (optional)


Serves: 2


Take 2 slices of apple. Spread sunflower seed butter on the cut side of one and top with the other slice (the skin side of both slices should be on the "open" side of the mouth.) 

Attach candy eyes on the skin of the top slice using more sunflower seed butter to "glue" them on. (Optional: Add raisins or marshmallows—cut as needed—for teeth or fangs, depending on the season/theme.)  

Repeat with the remaining ingredients. 

Adapted from Dictator Lunches by Jenny Mollen. Copyright © 2022 by Jenny Mollen. Used with permission by Harvest. All rights reserved.