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Playing How to Make Homemade Caramels, Chocolate-Dipped Caramels + Turtles | Jacques Torres

Legendary chocolatier Jacques Torres shares his easy recipe for this classic candy, which uses his Homemade Caramels as the base.

"I like to temper chocolate with a microwave," Jacques says of the technique that gives chocolate a glossy sheen.

For more of his treats, check out his recipe for Homemade Turtles and his famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (which you can also order online if you don't feel like baking!).


  • 1 pound dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
  • 3 to 4 dozen Caramels
  • Flaky sea salt, for sprinkling


Serves: Makes 3 to 4 dozen


To temper the chocolate, place in a microwave-safe glass bowl. Heat for 30 seconds at a time on high power until most of the chocolate is melted; the chocolate will retain its shape even when mostly melted. Whisk until smooth.

Working 1 caramel at a time, dip each square into the bowl of tempered melted dark chocolate. Using a fork, remove each caramel, letting excess chocolate drip back into bowl. Place chocolate-covered caramels onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, sprinkle with flaky sea salt and let set completely.