Survive Winter With 12 Time-Saving Tips to Fight Cold, Snow and Ice

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The groundhog hasn't popped his head out yet, so no one knows how much more winter we're in for. To make these final weeks (or months) go as smoothly as possible, check out 12 time and money-saving tips from HGTV's "The Cousins" Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri.

Tip 1: Use Sandwich Bags to Avoid Icy Mirrors

When you get out of your car, just put freezer bags over your mirrors, which will stop them from icing over.

Tip 2: Prevent An Iced-Over Windshield

The night before a big storm, spray your windshield with white vinegar, and no ice will form.

Tip 3: Use Your Smartphone to Park in the Right Direction

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When you park your car at night, use your smartphone compass to make sure your windshield is facing east. This will ensure you get as much of that morning sun as possible, which will help de-ice your car.

Tip 4: Stop Snow From Sticking To Your Shovel

Don't you hate it when snow sticks to your shovel and weighs it down? Just wipe it with vegetable oil before you start shoveling, and the snow will slide right off.

Tip 5: Get More Traction on the Roads with ... Kitty Litter?!

On a snowy or icy day, just sprinkle some kitty litter on your tires before you hit the road to get some extra traction.

Tip 6: Insulate Your Windows with Bubble Wrap

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If you're losing a lot of heat through your windows, just get them wet and stick bubble wrap to them.

Tip 7: Scrape Ice Off Your Windshield with... a Credit Card

If you find yourself without your ice scraper, you've got a makeshift one right in your wallet — a credit card! Just use that small piece of plastic to slide under the ice and break it up.

Tip 8: Upgrade Your Boots Mat with Pebbles

If you have a boot tray to rest your wet or muddy boots when you walk in the door, it probably collects yucky water, which means your boots are just sitting in that muck. Why not fill the mat with pebbles, so that your boots rest on top, but the grimy water filters down to the bottom?

Tip 9: Stuff Your Boots with Newspaper

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If your boots have gotten funky and wet inside, just stuff them with newspaper to absorb all that moisture, so you won't be putting your feet into soggy boots the next time you need to go outside.

Tip 10: Make Your Fan Work for You, Even in the Winter

You may not have known this, but most ceiling fans have a switch to alternate the direction of the fan blades. If you flip that switch and run it in wintertime, you can help the heat to circulate around your house better.

Tip 11: Use Zip Ties to Ride Your Bike in Snow and Ice

If you're a diehard biker and refuse to stop cycling in the winter, try using zip ties to get better traction.

Tip 12: Use Your Curtains to Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm

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To maximize the natural heat from the sun, open your curtains while the sun is out, and close them at night.

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