4 Hacks That Could Save Your Next Party

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Playing 4 Hacks That Could Save Your Next Party

Your friends are all over and you run out of something super important -- what do you do? Party pro Mary Giuliani has fixes for some of the most common “oops” moments.

Run Out of Counter Space? Use Chairs!

If you’ve run out of places to set out food, why not try using some chairs? Just set items out like you normally would, but on the seats of your chairs.

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Run Out of Food? Order Delivery and Arrange it Artfully

If you’ve accidentally committed the ultimate party foul -- running out of food -- never fear. Just order in takeout and arrange it artfully on a lazy susan. Anything can look fancy if you plate it the right way!

Run Out of Serving Dishes? Use Plant Pots and Saucers

(Really well cleaned) plant pots and saucers can double for serving platters.

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No Speaker? Make Your Own

We can’t claim that this is going to replace your expensive speakers, but it sure looks cool! Cut up a paper towel tube and two red party cups and make your own phone docking speaker.

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