"Old School/New School" Dumplings

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Playing "Old School/New School" Dumplings

"Old School/New School" Dumplings

Garry Jao thinks back fondly on the dumpling recipe passed down from his late mother. "I think she came up with it from scratch," says the 35-year-old. "It's something we used to do for big holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving. My mom was the oldest in her family so all my relatives would come to our house and have a big dumpling feast." These days, Garry tries to recreate the recipe for family gatherings as a tribute to his mother, but has found that it's quite labor-intensive for his busy schedule. "It takes like two, two and a half hours from start to finish," he explains. "Part of it is, everything is from scratch, and [my mom] never used measuring spoons or cups or anything - she just did it by feel I guess ... so Rachael, it would be great if you could help me find a way to improve it with a modern twist!" [Get Rachael's "new school" version of chicken dumplings here!](/food/recipes/potstickers-sweet-and-sour-slaw/)

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