Battery-Powered Wall Sconce Hack: DIY a Remote-Controlled Light Fixture That's Removable With Velcro

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We love the look of sconce lights almost anywhere in a home—and so does Pennies For a Fortune blogger Fariha Nasir. Just take a look at these gorgeous photos from her Instagram:

But she also likes the idea of being able to remove them when you want to change things up again — or move from a rental space.

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"If you don't want to commit to making permanent changes, but you want the look of a wall sconce in your home, this is a great trick for you," Fariha says of the removable light fixture DIY hack she shows off in the video above. Translation: No damage to your wall! Keep reading for all the details.

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Here's what you'll need:

"The real showstopper is this puck light. What it is is a battery-powered LED light, and you can control it with a remote," Fariha says.

Puck Lights

Puck Lights

$24 FOR 6-PACK

And here are the simple steps:

First, attach a velcro Command strip to the back of the puck light and place it on the spot where you'd normally screw your bulb in.

"And then the next step—this is what makes it truly reversible—you're going to use the same velcro strips on the metal plate that goes onto the wall," Fariha continues. This is the plate that would normally be screwed into the wall, but using velcro strips means you can easily remove your sconce from the wall—without a big honkin' hole left behind.

Pro Tip: Make sure you choose Command strips that are strong enough to hold your wall sconce! The package will list the maximum weight limit — the strips linked above hold up to 16 lbs.

Assemble the rest of the sconce like normal, attach the shade, and you have yourself a removable light fixture!

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