How To Clean Wood Cutting Boards The Rachael Ray Way

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Rachael *loves* butcher block (you know, heavy-duty wood used for chopping blocks, tabletops and cutting boards). In fact, her kitchen countertops — both at home and on our show — are made entirely of butcher block. This way, she can cut anywhere on it and do all of her other prep work directly on the counter, too.

She also has "an enormous collection of wood cutting boards," which she uses as serving platters in her home. "I have every shape and size just for service," Rachael says.

With all that wood, what does she use to clean her cutting boards and keep her kitchen counter in tip-top shape?

How To Care For Butcher Block + Wood Cutting Boards

Four ingredients, Rach says: Coarse salt, water, lemon juice and mineral cutting board oil.

Rach recommends scrubbing butcher block counters with kosher or coarse salt at night to pick up any aromas or leftover stains.

"Salt brings up all the color if you're chopping parsley or a ton of herbs. The lemon juice, of course, counteracts the smell of garlic and onions, things like that," Rach explains. "But you have to keep it oiled. Rub it down just with a little bit, like moisturizer for your face. Just keep a little bit of moisture in the wood."

Rach says she rubs her butcher block counters and cutting boards "with innocuous mineral oil, or cutting board oil, occasionally."

How To Clean Butcher Block + Wood Cutting Boards

"A little soapy water isn't going to hurt it," Rach adds. "The point is, you want to keep it dry and oiled. Dry from [excessive water] but oiled which will give it moisture."

"I wash it down with a soapy cloth from the sink when I'm done for the night. But when I pick up the onion and the garlic, that's always salt at the end of the day."

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