The Solution To Making A Musty Sweater Smell Fresh Is In Your Liquor Cabinet

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Playing The Surprising Ingredient That Makes Delicate Clothing Smell Better Without Washing | Amy E. Goodman

You know that favorite sweater of yours, the one you wear a lot that's probably "smelled" better days? Well, the good news is that even if it says "dry clean only" on the label, you CAN still hand wash it at home, but keep in mind that over-washing delicate clothing items like sweaters (even if you're hand washing) can take its toll on the fabric. So, fashion and lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman has a solution for those in-between times when an item maybe smells a little funky but doesn't truly need to be washed. And it comes from an unexpected place: your liquor cabinet! 

Yes, you read that right. As it turns out, the key to freshening up your well-loved sweaters and other delicate pieces of clothing is… vodka. Put some vodka into a spray bottle and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. (Amy uses a "spruce" scent that smells like an evergreen tree.) 

Spritz the sweater evenly on both sides, and that's it! "Why does this work? It's because vodka is just a natural, neutral deodorizer," Amy says. Plus, "alcohol vaporizes very quickly," she points out. So your sweater will dry quickly and pass the sniff test in just a few minutes. Who knew?!

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