75-Year-Old Hot Dog Stand In L.A. Goes Viral On TikTok After Becoming a Carhop During Covid

Not much has changed about Cupid's Hot Dogs in San Fernando Valley, CA, since it opened 75 years ago—except for how the 3rd-generation owners serve food.

See Rach's Pup Bella On Her First NYC Trip + Get Tips From Her Trainer

Bella Boo Blue visited NYC with her "fairy godmother" trainer, Elizabeth, who's also sharing her best post-pandemic dog training tips.

See Rachael's Dog Bella Boo Blue's Adorable First Trip to NYC's Central Park

See scenes from Bella's first trip to NYC + Bella's trainer Elizabeth shares her best dog training tips for everyone who adopted a pet during quarantine.

Rachael + John Get Emotional Sharing Figurine Of "Angel Isaboo" + Bella Boo From a Thoughtful Viewer

In another Show & Tell segment, Rachael and John share lovely letters and gifts that they've received from generous viewers—including a special figurine.

Justin Long's Mom Adorably Reveals What He Was Like When He Was a Kid

In honor of Mother's Day, Justin Long + his mom Wendy joined Rach for a virtual meal—and Wendy shared what Justin was like as a boy. (With cute pics!)

Rachael + David Muir Gush Over Their Pups!

Could Rach's pup Bella and ABC "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir's dog Axel become running buddies?

We Surprise The Adorable Couple Behind The Secret @MealsSheEats Instagram Account

After Rachael was diagnosed with PCOS, her husband, Tom, started cooking meals to help regulate her hormones—and he secretly documented them on Instagram.

Husband's Secret Instagram For Wife With PCOS Isn't So Secret Anymore

A month after Rachael Sullivan discovered her husband Tom's adorable secret Instagram account, @mealsheeats, it's not so secret anymore—with 46k followers.

Buddy Valastro Surprises His Biggest Fan AGAIN—9 Years After Emotional First Meeting On Our Show

9 years ago, we surprised aspiring baker Daniella with a visit from "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro—and now, we're doing it again. But that's not all.

ADORABLE 1.5-Year-Old Finds His Bedtime "Stories" In The Pantry + We Can't Handle The Cuteness

21-month-old Declan from Georgia doesn't pick his bedtime stories from a bookshelf—he gets them from the pantry. And his favorite is the taco shell box!

Rach Explains Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement Ring

One viewer astutely realized that Rachael & John's wedding rings are different from their originals and asked about it. Rach & John explain why.

Rach Can Explain Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement + Wedding Rings | Q Ray & J

"I cook so much and platinum is such a fine metal that it burned my hand and my hand was so scarred, we couldn't hide it with makeup or powder."

Tim Tebow Gushes About The 3 Puppies He Got After Losing His Beloved Dog Bronco

Tim Tebow tells Rach all about welcoming 3 puppies—Paris, Kobe and Chunk—into the family after losing his beloved dog Bronco in late 2019.

Rachael Gets Choked Up Visiting Isaboo's Gravesite — Where She Set Up a Mini Christmas Tree For Her

In an incredibly sweet & emotional moment, Rach & John visit their beloved dog Isaboo's gravesite, which they made sure was festive for her this season.