These Spiked Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mudslides Are an Irresistible Adult Treat

Sunny Anderson makes whiskey-spiked hot chocolate flavored with hazelnuts, cinnamon-sugar + crushed chocolate cookies.

How to Make Spiked Hot Chocolate Hazelnut Mudslides | Sunny Anderson

Watch Sunny Anderson turn hot chocolate into a rich and creamy adults-only drink flavored with hazelnut, cinnamon-sugar + crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

John Shakes Up Fall in a Cocktail with Apples + Cinnamon

Rachael's husband, John, shakes up fall in a cocktail made with apple brandy, ginger beer + cinnamon simple syrup, garnished with a crisp apple slice.

How to Make an Apple + Cinnamon Fall Cocktail | John Cusimano

Watch John shake up a fall-inspired cocktail with apple brandy, ginger beer and cinnamon simple syrup.

How to Make a Ginger Cosmo | John Cusimano

Watch Rachael's husband, John, put a golden-hued and "spicy" twist on the cosmo with a turmeric-ginger simple syrup.

John Uses Ginger to Give the Cosmo a "Spicy" Kick

Rachael's husband, John, spices up the cosmo with a golden-hued and super-flavorful turmeric-ginger simple syrup.

How to Make a Vermouth Spritz | John Cusimano

Watch John stir up a refreshing anniversary spritz flavored with sweet vermouth and thyme.

John's Anniversary Spritz Features Sweet Vermouth + Thyme

Rachael's husband, John, stirs up a refreshing anniversary spritz with sparkling white wine, sweet vermouth + thyme.

How to Make a Strawberry Negroni | John Cusimano

Watch John give the Negroni a fruity twist with strawberry-infused gin.

John Gives The Negroni a Fruity Twist

Strawberry-infused gin gives the Negroni—a classic Italian cocktail—a fruity sweetness + aroma.

John's Strawberry Gin Is an Easy + Fruity Cocktail Addition

Use John's strawberry-infused gin to lend a fruity note to cocktails.

John's Negroni Royale Cocktail

Rach's husband John shares a refreshing cocktail recipe that tops a classic Negroni with Prosecco for a "royale" touch.

Celebrate Summer With John's Cucumber Margarita

Rach's husband John gives the margarita a summer makeover using fresh cucumbers, jalapeños and a touch of elderflower liqueur.

We Finally Tried The TikTok-Famous Whipped Lemonade And It's GOOD

We finally tried the super easy TikTok-famous whipped lemonade recipe that stole whipped coffee's spotlight—and we don't know what we were waiting for.