How To Make a "Pari"rita | John Cusimano

Watch John shake up an Italian margarita he named after the Campari that gives this cocktail an extra kick.

John's "Pari"rita Is an Italian Ode To The Margarita

Campari gets shaken up with classic margarita ingredients in John's cocktail he dubbed the "Pari"rita.

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The Americano Cocktail Was Invented By An Italian!

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John Cusimano's Pre-Prohibition Martini + His Top Martini Secrets

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How To Make a Pre-Prohibition Gin Martini + The Right Way to Serve a Martini | John Cusimano

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How To Make "Have You Got The Thyme, Tom Collins?" Cocktail

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John Cusimano's "Have You Got The Thyme, Tom Collins?" Cocktail

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Holiday Sparkler: John's Italian 75 Cocktail For Year-End Toasts

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