Yes, Rach Has Go-To Pots & Pans When She Cooks At Home (There are 3!)

It's no secret that Rach creates her very own cookware — and when it comes to picking favorites, it all depends on what she's cooking.

Cooking With Salt: Which Type Of Salt Does Rachael Use The Most? | Q & Ray + J

"You can go down a rabbit hole of what to do with your specialty salts," Rach says, "but the day to day, Kosher for cooking, flaky sea for finishing."

Which Type Of Salt Does Rachael Cook With The Most?

Rachael isn't too fussy or fancy about which kind of salt she uses. In fact, her go-to salt in the kitchen probably is yours, too.

Honing vs Sharpening Knives: What's The Difference?

Honing vs sharpening knives: what's the difference? Chef Jet Tila explains and demonstrates how to hone a chef knife, paring knife + serrated knife.

Knife Honing 101: Tips Every Chef Should Know | Chef Jet Tila

"One of the things every cook absolutely needs to know how to do is hone their knife," celebrity chef Jet Tila says. Get his tips!

Don't Worry About Which Onion You Use — Except If You're Making This

There are white onions, yellow onions, red onions + more (not to mention leeks & shallots) — so does it matter what kind you use? Rachael answers.

Onion Debate — Does It Matter What Kind You Use? | Q Ray & J

"Listen, if I have a white onion and I don't have a yellow-skinned onion, I use the white onion," Rach says. But there's one catch!

How To Clean Your Wood Cutting Boards The Rach Way

Rach's entire kitchen counter is made of butcher block, and she has a large collection of cutting boards. Here's what she uses to clean the wood surfaces.

What To Do With Leftover Frying Oil | Q & Ray & J

If the oil has debris in it, you should discard it, Rach says — and she explains how. But did you know you can sometimes use oil more than once?

Here's How Rach Handles Leftover Cooking Oil

How to dispose of cooking oil at home + when you can reuse frying oil, according to Rachael.

Expert Freezer Tricks That Will Save You Time + Money

Freezer tricks from "New York Times" food columnist Melissa Clark that will save you time + money—making mealtimes (& your life) easier.

Smart Freezer Hacks For Less Waste + Easier Meals | New York Times Food Columnist Melissa Clark

"New York Times" food columnist Melissa Clark shares her best freezer tips + tricks, including how to freeze dairy products & the best way to freeze meat.

What Is Miso + What Are Rach's Favorite Miso Recipes?

What is miso and how is it used? Rachael answers and shares some of her favorite ways to incorporate miso paste in the kitchen.